Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Teiliana Newborn - Omaha Plattsmouth Photographer

A look through Teiliana's Newborn Session!  Newborns are best when under a week old and she was just at a week old, I think (I'm typing this a few months after you see). She did have some pretty awful baby acne....well luckily we know how to work some magic and voila...she is all spot free!  That's a bonus of having a professional photographer take your newborn's photos! 

Here's a look at some her of her photos! Please contact us at raises@windstream.net to talk about our Newborn photography or we also offer a First Year plan.  With the plan you get sessions at newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, & 12 months. These all include a disc with print release!  Visit www.aatphoto.com to see & find out more as well. Newborn session takes place in the comfort of your home too, easier on everyone too!

We bring all of our blankets, props and dress up items to use. We encourage you also to have us use any of your stuff too!  Family & sibling shots included as well!

She didn't wake up much, just a a little of her eyes open! I love this color on her though!
 Back to sleep!

 Here like one smile she did!

The white Blanket is by her Grandma, very special!  Love when clients have special items to use!
 Yawn, are we done yet!
 Spiky hair is so cute & a little a little smirk!
 Lots of patience as we calm and pose your newborn. We aim for mostly natural poses with some help. A little upcycled bonnet and pants here.

 We love using this butterfly outfit!  So cute!

 Baby blocks and chalkboard are always brought to the the session too.

 Remember I said she had awful baby acne....well this is why you hire us! Creamy perfection!
 We have lots of various blankets and wraps to use! I love this peach too!

 and just one of the ones with family!  Newborn sessions take place in your home too, so that it's easier on  everyone!
Contact us for Newborn Photography & First Year Plan Information! www.aatphoto.com, Jeanne Raises