Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Maddox - Plattsmouth Bellevue Omaha Newborn Photographer

Mr. Maddox came in for a Newborn Session. We snapped a few with big brother, Mom & Dad. He had a big snack then he dozed off into dreamland and was pretty good staying asleep as I "posed" him.
Here are few from his sesssion!

Playing superhero with big brother! Love his little cape!
 With Mommy! He was all goofy little smiles when he first showed up!
 and Daddy too!
 I like to always get at least a couple with their eyes open, while it's easier to pose a sleeping baby, eyes open are important too!
 Baby details are so adorable, tiny fingers & toes and little nose!
 Dreamland and sporting one of my crochet hats!
 Snug as a bug
 a little grin
 Mom loves frogs so he got to be a little froggy! Ribbit
 M-I-C-K-E-Y   M-O-U-S-E
So glad they were up for Mickey as I had just made the booties and well if you know me I like to Mickey-ize!
 Cute Mouseketeer he is!
 With Easter coming up, He got to be a funny Little Bunny! Too Cute
 Tucked in! Sweet Dreams!
 and he ended with the best little smile!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Haylee Senior Plattsmouth Photographer

With Senior Season coming up I figured I should get a blog up on a Senior.  We hung out around downtown Plattsmouth on Main Street.  Some were taken  by one of Plattsmouth's historic buildings that was in the recent fire that destroyed the building, pretty sad.  The historic brick building was a favorite spot of mine with it's unique look.  We offer various Senior Packages and all include wallets.  Usually we have them pick 3-4 outfits including any sports and activites they want to highlight. I even love when pets are included.

Here's a few from her session.  

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Asia Newborn - Lincoln Omaha Photographer

Miss Asia was a tough one as she just wanted to be in on everything going on. We got some of her awake, which was great because she has such beautiful eyes and was very alert.   Eventually though we won and she fell asleep so we were able to get some cute photos of her off in dreamland and 'dress her up'.  Why, may you ask do we want newborns to sleep? Well, posing newborns is much easier if they are in a deep sleep as awake babies like to flare their arms and legs. So, to get posed squishy newborn photos it's best if they are in snooze land.  

Enjoy a few from her Session!

So alert she was with big bright eyes!
 She was full of goofy expressions!
 Cheerleading runs in her blood, so a few Husker photos were a must!

 Bright eyed!
 A pretty hair clip Mom had!
 Grandma knitted her some hats, here she is wide eyed sporting one, looks like she should head to the slopes!
 A milk drunk smile in dreamland!
 I love little toes!
 a little smirk while she dreams

 The newest Little Mermaid!

 A gnome or elf? I don't know I just make hats, but she does look pretty cute!
Mom made a tutu, which she looks pretty diva in! 

 and a couple of their Maternity Session, they were pretty excited parents!
 Boy or Girl? They didn't know, so exciting!