Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jennifer Fall Family - Omaha Plattsmouth Photographer

We got lucky had a rather warm November day to capture this family!  We hung out at a park in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, and luckily, the trees still had a little color as the sun slowly set behind us.  It's always a nice change of pace when everyone is a 'big kid', couple shots of each pose and we're good. Don't get me wrong, we  LOVE babies & toddlers, it just takes a few more shots getting those smiles from them.
  Enjoy some from their fall family photo session.  

Now laugh, smile, but don't look at the camera, ha!

Getting a few shots of the parents is always a nice touch!

Loved how they sat together here, sibling bonding, right?!?

Gorgeous light as the sun set.

Just the girls & just the guys!

Hold hands, um his hand is gross - ha love siblings!

Squeeze together, you love each other!

Again don't look at the camera, just be yourselves! Pretty sunset, love fall!

Yep, a lot of leaf throwing happens in the fall. Not sure why but parents ended up on one side and kids on the other, leaf war I suppose! ha!

Why not, the glow of the sunset on the merry-go-round! Beautiful!

Weeeeeee, around we go!  So fun!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Baby girl + a boy + Parents = Family! - Plattsmouth Omaha Potographer

I met this family when their son was 6 months.  Baby girl came along so now they are the cutest family of 4.  Baby girl is 5 months & Big brother is 2 and likes to run around of course. We captured some great family photos and some of each child!  Enjoy a few from their session taken in Plattsmouth Nebraska.

I think he is more monkey than boy, but is the most polite 2 year old!

So, this was taken in the .1 second he stayed still before running off!

what a handsome guy!

Trees and leaves and birds are pretty fascinating when you are 2 or hey I get distracted too! Love kids being kids.
 He is ready to travel or well sit on the suitcase anyway!

Leaf throwing in the Fall is the best!

She is too adorable and had many great smiles! and just likes to sit in a basket in the leaves too!

Aren't they sweet!

Daddy and his son just having fun on the side while I was getting some photos of baby sister!

Well, it was Halloween time, love themed outfits!

She wants to travel too, but in the suitcase!

 It was an amazing 80 degrees in October in Nebraska, crazy, but then we could do these photos outside!

yeah, 80 degrees in October, crazy, but I was having a good time!

Amanda & Chris Wedding - Photographer Nebraska City

Here's a look back at a beautiful wedding in Nebraska City at the Steinhart Lodge, part of the  Lied Lodge.
Amanda & Chris were a lot of fun along with the wedding party, friends & family.  We met up at the Lied Lodge to get some getting ready & a few group photos before the ceremony & reception at the Steinhart Lodge. Nebraska City is a wonderful backdrop for a wedding or even engagements.
Enjoy a few of their wedding day photos.

Beautiful Wedding Party!

They didn't see each other before the ceremony, so we did this for a pre-photo, hehehe, they couldn't see each other.

Girls really do just want to have fun! 

The dress!
 & rings of course!

There Ceremony took place in the same room as the reception in the Steinhart Lodge.

They locked away a wine bottle & I think letters during their ceremony to open at their anniversary.

Too cute were these kids & great sports!

Fun glasses of course!

Lots of different rustic centerpieces, very pretty yet simple!

Their tunnel entrance into the reception portion of the day!

Lots of fun dancing, this is a favorite part of the day because everyone finally lets loose and has a great time!  Plus, never know what kind of photos we'll get on the dancefloor!

Tosses are always a fun part, I know some couples are opting away, but it is a neat tradition!

 First dance is always a beautiful moment!
 Love capturing some sunset shots, not always possible to steal them away, but it worked out perfect here! So gorgeous!