Thursday, March 5, 2015

Newborn Imellia - Bellevue Omaha Photographer

We had the pleasure to capture this little one's newborn session. We had captured some maternity photos a few weeks before so were excited to meet her!  We pose babies in their most natural way, keeping things simple. Plus, they only stay small for so long so why not dress them up a little!
She was such a good little girl, for the most part stayed asleep! While awake babies are adorable too, but it's easier to pose a sleeping (and well fed) baby.
Enjoy a few from her Newborn session. She was almost 2 weeks. 
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Minnie Mouse is always a favorite!

Princess Imellia of course!

For Daddy! Go Chiefs! Big sister is only ONE, so getting shots of the together was a bit challenging, but we got some great ones! They are gonna be great friends I think!

Pretty Little Mermaid!

 Some family photos! 

Kind of a smile. You never know if babies will 'smile'. Some will and some won't, it's just luck! 

 That's a smile!

 She woke up for a little awhile. She wasn't really happy, but that's okay now we can see her eyes!
 Back to slumber dream land!

 Baby feet & toes are so cute!
 Sister wanted a closeup!

 "Guess she can stay, she is kind of neat"

 Go Huskers!

We are located in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, but for newborn sessions many times we will travel to their home for the newborn session. Personal props, like the Chiefs & Husker items are always encouraged. We have multiple blankets, baskets, wraps & crochet items to use as well! Need information on a newborn and maternity session, visit

Monday, March 2, 2015

Twin Newborns - Omaha Plattsmouth Photographer

We had the pleasure of capturing NEWBORN photos of these beautiful twin girls!  They were not 100% into the whole sleeping and posing act, but we still captured some wonderful images. 

We let parents decide if they want any modest no diaper pictures, but it was agreed to keep their diapers on. So, some blankets and wraps were used to hide the diaper.

A few accessories were provided by Mom & Dad, and as always we brought some crochet items. 
 Enjoy a few from their newborn session.   

Her individual closeup!


and this one's close-up! and she gave us a smile!

"Hey sister, why you sleeping? We've got to make big plans!"

"I'm not sleeping, I've got too much to do!"  "Sister, shhhh!, I'm trying to dream here!"

Miss D with a few for her on photo time!

and Miss J for her own photo shoot time!

Dreaming of big plans together!

Princessess, they are!

They definitely have their own personalities!

Is she out or not? Sister is in snoooozeland!

and a few with Mom & Dad! We did some with each parent as well, but here's a few all together! Next time we need to include big brothers, but they were at school!

We are located in Plattsmouth, but we'll travel to Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion, etc. Newborn sessions are often done in the clients home!  We do keep the baby in poses they feel comfortable in naturally. We like to keep it realistic & simple but with a touch of fun & whimsy! They don't stay tiny for long so why not have fun with some hats & props!