Friday, February 28, 2014

Brityn Newborn & 3 months Plattsmouth Bellevue Newborn Photographer

3 month sessions are tricky because baby is more alert & stronger than newborn, but may not be quiet up for holding themselves up, so you never know what you'll get or be able to do with them. Well, Miss Brityn was a little doll and gave us plenty of smiles and held herself up pretty well.  Take a look back at her Newborn Session to see how much she has grown. 

Here's a few from her 3 month session!

Loved this little dress & I'm kind of obsessed with suitcases so good thing she liked laying in one as she is just too cute here!

She was all for being on her side and listening to her Mom's voice!

She really wasn't into being in a basket as it was hard work.

Big Brother was so good to get a few with her!
Chewing is more fun than posing for pics!

Love how her expression is so serious.

Something was funny, I guess!

Little Valentine!

Miss Brityn was so good for her session. She slept and let me pose her, then she woke for a bit which I love since it's nice to get some open eye shots, and then she went off to sleep land again after a snack!  Her family is big into tractors, hence the John Deere stuff!   Crochet items were made by me, which is a nice thing to know as I can quickly create something just for a session.  Here's Miss Brityn, I look forward to capturing her 1st year!

A Mickey tiara I picked up at Disney World, which is perfect on this princess!

She makes an adorable Minnie Mouse!

Born in October, so of course she's gotta be a pumpkin!

Big Brother gets a little jealous of baby sister, but I think he really does kind of like her!

When I found this John Deere wheelbarrow I knew it would be perfect for this family!

Love newborn features!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kayla's Fall Family - Plattsmouth Photographer

I had a blast with this Family in the Fall. We had some perfect weather with beautiful Fall Colors & lots of leaves at a park in Plattsmouth. The 2 boys were a hoot wanting to just run & play, but were actually pretty good to "pose" for pictures too.  I love when families just let loose creating fun images of them being "family"!  
Enjoy some photos from their fun filled leafy session!

Lovin with Grandma!

Grandma chat time!

Mom & her daughters!

It was hard for them to be serious, but hey I love the tickling laughing photos just as much as the smile posed ones! Fun with Mom.

Now be still for at least one!

Tickle Tackling their aunt now, fun fun fun!

They love to run for sure!

Tackled her again, ha, love the fun they had!

Loved this leafy dog pile fun, all Grandma's idea too!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sisters Family Session - Plattsmouth Photographer

This Sisters session was a lot of fun!  As a Christmas gift for their parents they had a session and then printed the top picture as a large canvas - how neat for a gift idea!  

The "Love Lives here" sign is by Shelly at MinettesMaze. We visited a couple spots in Plattsmouth to capture them being well, Sisters!

Here's a few from their session last Fall, when we had a nice warm day, which is hard to imagine with all the Frozeness we've had!

Yep, If Sisters you gotta be Silly!

and Have some Sisterly fun in the leaves!