Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mirren - Newborn, 3, 6, 9 months Omaha Family Photographer

Miss Mirren is is on our First Year Plan, so I get to see her every 3 months. Here are a few of her newborn & 3 month, 6 month, & 9 months session photos! At her 9 month session her whole family came and we got some family and sibling shots too!  

9 months & Family

6 months

She loves her phone, hmmm, wonder who she is talking to?

Ready to shop on 5th Ave.!

She made some stuffed friends!
3 months


Her baby blanket came with her for a nice personal touch!

I made this mermaid outfit and while adorable it is a little tricky keeping it on, luckily Miss Mirren let us dress her up as the Little Mermaid!

She gave up a little smile!

And another little smiley smirk!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Ben, 1 Year, 9 mo, 6 mo, & 3 mo - Baby Omaha Bellevue Photographer

I have been lucky enough to capture photos of this little ( well not so little anymore) guy over the last year! I saw him at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months & 1 Year.  He has grown so much!  Seeing kids grow up is so fun, and they get more comfortable with us with each session! Enjoy a few from his First year!

1 Year

 Standing so proud!
 Reading favorite books!
 He wanted to get into stuff instead of stand by the box, so to keep him in one spot we put him in it, he then thought that was the greatest thing ever!
 I think it was his Grandma that made him this cute letters! Great for the photos!
 Big boy!
 and he Finished off his 1 Year with a cake! He ate a little and also painted his leg, why not!

9 months
 He brought a few of his toys to show off (oh and play with)

 Mom's a band director and has plans for him to play the trombone, so it's never to early to start him on it! I was a trombone player and dusted of mine for him to use!  Memories!
 Mom brought in a few other instruments too!
 and of course some Christmas themed shots!

                               6 months
                                                 A relative made him this football hat, he is proud to be a Husker fan!

 Fall means pumpkins!

 and some apples too!

 a few favorite toys to pose/play with!

 3 months
He was not 100% into his 3 month session. We got a few smiles, but he got sooooo sleepy! 3 months is a hard age as they can do more than newborn but still don't have the stamina as when they get a little older! They sometimes smile but not always. Still he sure is cute!
 Snuggling his blanky!
 Mr. Serious! 
 a little grin!
 Yep he was sleepy and knocked out!